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    Cajun   Cajun music is American music, evolved from French and Creole tradition. Accordion and fiddle typically form the trademark lively Cajun sound.  
  listen! The Lacassine Special   An energetic and popular traditional Cajun tune written by Iry LeJeune, named for the city of Lacassine in Jefferson Davis Parish, LA.
  listen! Parlez-nous a Boire   "Lets talk about drinking, not about marriage"... what an idea for a song! One of many songs from the great Balfa brothers.  
  listen! 'Tits Yeux Noirs Waltz   The lyrics go something like: My "Little Dark Eyes" has left me and is never coming back, and so I sit crying - morning, noon and night. Why do Cajun songs sound so happy?  
  listen! Johnny Can't Dance   Great Cajun dance tune, about a boy who can't dance!  
  listen! Jongle a Moi   "Remember Me"  
  listen! Divallier's Two-step   An old Cajun fiddle tune with a New Orleans-style sound  
  listen! Turn Turn Bebe Crole Waltz   Twin fiddles in traditional Cajun style  

    Western & Country (Western)  

Western music was popularized by the first Western movies of the 30's, continuing through the 40's and 50's. Groups like The Sons of the Pioneers, Roy Rogers and Gene Autry were regulars who sang in those movies. The cowboy movie stars added an upbeat swing to the traditional western cowboy song.

  listen! Yellow Roses   Pining for lost love in this great (but oh, so sad!) Country Western hit, introduced by Hank Snow in the 1950's.  
  listen! Walking After Midnight   A classic made famous by Patsy Cline in 1956.  
  listen! Peach Pickin Time in Georgia   There may be a few added chords, but it's the same song written and recorded by Jimmie Rodgers in 1933.  
  listen! Old Madeira Waltz   A neat waltz, unearthed from a 40's recording by the Farr Brothers --the hot fiddle/guitar duo in the Sons of the Pioneers.  

    Swing & Western Swing   Swing evolved out of the many forms of Jazz. It's popularity took off in the 40's with the "Big Bands" of Swing. When Swing migrated into the West, the fiddle replaced the clarinet, the horn section dropped out and Western Swing was born!  
  listen! Route 66   One of the great standards of Swing. Of course, Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Little Walter and Jimmy Reed -- they all had their own interpretations of this song, beyond Swing, too!  
  listen! Teardrops from My Eyes   Our version comes from a Wetern Swing rendition by Billy Jack Wills' band in the 40's. Billy Jack was the brother of legend Bob Wills, of Texas Playboys fame.  
  listen! Undecided   Does Eric Lange sing this better than Ella Fitzgerald? On this, we're undecided.  

    Old-time Fiddle & Banjo   This is a traditional, old-style American music cultivated and played for generations.  
  listen! North Carolina Breakdown   A fine old-time tune by Fiddlin' Arthur Smith from down Tennessee way. It was a brand new tune back in 1937. A popular square dance number, it gets its high energy drive from twin fiddles in our version.  

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